A Treasure of Trails

Kearney has the historical significance of providing a haven for pioneers traveling the Oregon and Mormon Trails, and presently provides that same hospitality for numerous travelers on I-80, and for its residents. You will find Kearney has not only historic trails, but over 20 miles of community trails for residents and visitors to enjoy. The 8 foot wide, concrete paths allow trail users to experience the diversity of our park’s system, but also in assist in connecting various neighborhoods and destinations throughout the City.

Not only does Kearney offer traditional hike-bike trails, there is now a WATER TRAIL that begins at the entry landing at the northeast corner of Yanney Heritage Park and meanders down the Kearney Canal Tailrace and Turkey Creek with an exit landing near Midway Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep in South Kearney. Kayakers of all experience levels can enjoy the 2.3 mile route and experience this unique recreational opportunity.

Let one of our trails lead you to your recreation destination!