Tech Tool of the Month

Career Cruising

Career Cruising offers patrons a plethora of educational and career-related information, from career development to educational options to job searching. This resource is free with your library card, and accessible from home with an internet connection. Create a free account to save all your information and view it later!Career Cruising

Career Exploration

You can start with assessments to identify career matches based on your interests and skills, along with a learning styles assessment. From there, you can explore in-depth information on hundreds of occupations, including multimedia interviews, workplace photos, sample career paths, and more.You can use this research to search for the most up-to-date and relevant online job postings. It also includes a complete resume builder that enables you to quickly create a professional-looking resume to use while applying for jobs. There is also an employment guide with information on job searching, interviewing, and more to assist people at all stages of the process. 

Education Options

This resource also includes a national database of post-secondary education options. You can access valuable information on colleges and universities, including details on admissions, expenses, enrollment, athletics, and programs of study. You can also search financial aid programs available throughout the country.