Speed Trailer

January Locations
speed trailer.gif

We monitored the area of 29th between 2nd Avenue and 9th Avenue for a good portion of the month.  Complaints had been made indicating speeding traffic.  The overall traffic showed an average speed of 27 miles per hour with an 85th percentile at 31.  This showed no consistent pattern of excessive speed and as such we moved the trailer to another location.

The second location also fell within normal parameters.   We are currently monitoring several construction zones in hopes of keeping speeds down.

We continue to have several areas of construction and slick roads.  We are asking people to reduce their speeds and be watchful with the current driving conditions.

If you have a concern please contact the on duty supervisor to share this concern by calling 308 237-2104

The public is encouraged to provide suggested locations at any time. Click on Access Kearney on the City of Kearney’s homepage at www.cityofkearney.org.