Gasoline Fire Prevention Tips

Safety Tips

  • NEVER use gasoline inside the home or as a cleaning agent.
  • DO NOT smoke when handling gasoline.
  • Fill approved portable gasoline containers carefully. Take the container out of the vehicle or pickup truck bed. Place container on ground. Keep pump nozzle in direct contact with the container. Fill the container to about 95% full to leave room for expansion.
  • Allow gasoline power equipment to cool before refueling.
  • Store gasoline in a tightly closed metal or plastic container approved by an independent testing laboratory. NEVER re-use plastic containers such as milk jugs. NEVER use glass bottles.
  • Store only enough gasoline necessary to power equipment.

Pumping Your Gasoline Safely

According to the Petroleum Equipment Institute there have been about 150 cases of static fires associated with pumping gasoline.

Here are some tips that could prevent accidentally igniting gasoline fumes:
  • Shut off the engine before refueling.
  • Dissipate any static charge you may have built up by touching a metal part of your car that is away from the fuel tank.
  • Don’t allow children to pump gasoline.
  • Don’t smoke, light matches, or use lighters anywhere near gasoline pumps.
  • Extinguish smoking materials before getting out of the vehicle.
  • Shut off cellular phones and other electronic devices while refueling. The Petroleum Equipment Institute has no documented cases of these devices causing fires at gasoline station. This is a simply precaution.

What to do Should a Fire Happen When Filling up your Gasoline Tank

  • DO NOT remove the nozzle. This will only make the fire worse.
  • Get all occupants out of the car.
  • Get the station attendant to operate the emergency shut-off.
  • Call the fire department.
  • Use portable fire extinguisher.
For more information contact the Kearney Volunteer Fire Department at (308) 233-3226.