September 2018 Challenge


"Labor of Love" Challenge

On September 3 we celebrate Labor Day. This holiday, dedicated to honoring the working people of the United States, has inspired our first reading challenge.

This challenge is dedicated to your (the reader’s) dream job. So, whether you want to be an architect, baker, dancer, firefighter, machinist, retailer, spy, teacher, veterinarian, writer, or anything else, what you read is up to you.

The Goal

Read books related the job of your dreams. Books can be fiction, non-fiction, adult, youth, etc. For this challenge, all books must be finished on or after September 30. If you began reading before September 1, that book can still count towards your total.


This challenge has different achievement levels. The more you read, the higher you move up in the organization.

  • Level 1 – New Hire – 1 Book
  • Level 2 – Senior Staff Member – 3 Books
  • Level 3 – Supervisor – 5 Books
  • Level 4 – Manager – 7 Books
  • Level 5 – Boss – 10 or More Books

Ready, Set, Go!

Complete this challenge on your own, or join our Goodreads book club group to track your reading!