COVID-19 Community Betterment Grant

Community Betterment Purpose

Community Betterment Purposes shall mean the use of lottery proceeds in the following manner:

(a) Enhancing a person’s opportunity for educational advancement.
Examples include contributing to the operation of a school; or establishing or contributing to a scholarship fund.
(b) Relieving or protecting individuals from disease, suffering, or distress.
Examples include purchasing food or clothing for the needy; or helping to provide medical care for individuals in need.
(c) Contributing to the physical well being of individuals.
Examples include donations to foster athletic activities; or building, improving, or maintaining parks or recreation facilities; or sponsoring amateur athletic leagues or programs.
(d) Assisting individuals in establishing themselves as worthy and useful citizens by providing educational or business opportunities.
Examples include contributing to training programs designed to provide individuals with job skills; or aiding handicapped people in making contributions to the community.
(e) Providing individuals with opportunities to contribute to the betterment of the community.
Examples include initiating cleanup or beautification projects.
(f) Increasing the comprehension and devotion to the principles upon which this nation was founded.
Examples include sponsoring civic events to make individuals more aware of the history of the United States, State of Nebraska, or other civic institutions of principles.
(g) Initiating, performing, or fostering worthy public works or enabling or furthering the erection or maintenance of public structures.
Examples include contributing to building fund; or donations to fund parks or recreation areas.
(h) Lessening the burdens borne by government or voluntarily supporting, augmenting, or supplementing services which government would normally render to the people.
Examples include paying for housing, food, or medical services for needy people; or aiding the elderly; or contributing to the general fund of the city.
(i) Providing tax relief for the city.
Examples include funding any programs or needs which would normally be paid for by taxes imposed upon the community.
(j) Proceeds derived from the conduct of the lottery shall not be used for any political activity.
Examples include lobbying, or participating in or contributing to any political campaign on behalf of any elected official or person who is or has been a candidate for public office.

​COVID-19 Community Betterment Distributions

COVID-19 Community Betterment Grants (Grants) will be disbursed for all COVID-19 Community Betterment Projects recommended by the Keno Application Advisory Committee and approved by the City Council.  The Grants shall be disbursed to private or public not-for-profit organizations located within the City of Kearney and no more than $10,000 shall be awarded to any single organization. The total amount of disbursed Grants shall not exceed $300,000.  The organizations shall use the Funds only for Community Betterment Purposes as defined in Section 9-604 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes.  Priority will be given toward requests for one-time capital purchases and they will receive greater consideration than requests for non-capital purchases. Organizations that request Grants shall do so by November 13, 2020 by completing a COVID-19 Community Betterment Grant Application.

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