Under Construction

The construction of Phase II of The Gardens is currently underway. This phase will add four more gardens: Annuals, Rose, Xeriscape, and Edibles along with a center courtyard.

Annuals Garden

The highlight of Phase II is the beautiful Annuals Garden. Visitors will be able to view thousands of colorful annuals displayed in a variety of containers and beds. There will be approximately 27,000 plants that will change each year including some tropical plants.

3rd Page - Under Construction - Annual Garden in color

Rose Garden

This garden will feature many rose varieties consisting of shrub roses, hybrid tea, and floribundas. The garden will have hundreds of rose plants, several tree varieties, and many shrubs, grasses, and perennials. The radial walking paths will allow visitors to enjoy the colors and scents of the blooming roses all summer long. Climbing roses will grow over pathway trellises to offer examples of vertical landscaping.

3rd Page - Under Construction - Rose Garden in color

Xeriscape Garden

Taking advantage of the western exposure of the park, the Xeriscape Garden will showcase the beauty of drought-tolerant and water-wise plants. The garden will have 1,900-plus plants and over 100 plant varieties. Different elevations will allow plants to grow along rocksand boulders while thriving in the Nebraska environment.

3rd Page - Under Construction - Xeriscape Garden in color

Edibles Garden

Fruit trees, garden vegetables, and small fruits like raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, and even some berries not well known to this region will be showcased in the Edible Garden. The beds will consist of garden plants that produce all season while incorporating the concept of companion gardening. The garden will have several hundred perennials and four rotating vegetable gardens. Not only will the educational opportunities of this garden be exceptional, and the produce will be donated to local community groups.

3rd Page - Under Construction - Edible Garden in color