Lottery Trust Fund

On November 6, 1990, the voters of the City of Kearney, at a special election, voted in favor of establishing and conducting a keno-type lottery as permitted under the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act.

For more information, contact the Finance Department at (308) 233-3213.

Use of Proceeds
Pursuant to the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act, all proceeds received by the City of Kearney from the keno-type lottery must be used only for community betterment purposes. Therefore, the City Council established a Lottery Trust Fund and certain rules and regulations regarding the distribution of the keno-type lottery proceeds.

Lottery Trust Fund Applications
Pursuant to established rules and regulations, the City receives Lottery Trust Fund Applications for community betterment projects from private or public not-for-profit organizations each year from January 1 through May 1. The City Council awards grants in September and funding for approved projects is available after October 1.

The Application is now open for 2023 applications. The application period will close on Friday, April 28, 2023.