Lottery Trust Fund

On November 6, 1990, the voters of the City of Kearney, at a special election, voted in favor of establishing and conducting a keno-type lottery as permitted under the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act.

For more information, contact the Finance Department at (308) 233-3213.

Use of Proceeds
Pursuant to the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act, all proceeds received by the City of Kearney from the keno-type lottery must be used only for community betterment purposes. Therefore, the City Council established a Lottery Trust Fund and certain rules and regulations regarding the distribution of the keno-type lottery proceeds.

Lottery Trust Fund Applications
Pursuant to established rules and regulations, the City receives Lottery Trust Fund Applications for community betterment projects from private or public not-for-profit organizations each year from January 1 through May 1. The City Council awards grants in September and funding for approved projects is available after October 1.

The application for 2024 will open on January 1, 2024.