How do I dispose of old computers, televisions, batteries, and cell phones?
It is legal for households to dispose of the waste mentioned above in the refuse collection container. However, commercial businesses, and other non-households must follow the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality regulations in Title 128 of the Nebraska Administrative Code for disposing of hazardous waste, see Title 128 – Nebraska Hazardous Waste Regulations on NDEQ web site Disposal requirements depend on whether the business is a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG), a Small Quantity Generator (SQG), or a Large Quantity Generator (LQG) of Hazardous Waste. Questions can be answered by Erik Waiss, Environmental Assistance Coordinator, at NDEQ call 1-402-471-8308.

The City of Kearney does offer drop-off sites for residential recyclables including rechargeable batteries and cell phones at the Public Works Building drop-off site at 1919 15th Avenue or at the Recycling Center at 3007 East 39th Street. If residents want to recycle their used electronic devices they should ask the retailer selling the new product. Some retailers offer recycling of electronics for a fee.

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