Is everyone required to wear a face covering?

Not everyone is required to wear a face covering. Some people with disabilities, physical or mental health conditions, and very young people (under 5) are not required to wear face coverings because doing so may cause harm to that person. Although the DHM requiring face masks has a broad exemption for people with disabilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) allows for businesses to provide reasonable accommodations in the form of alternate services (e.g., curbside pickup or delivery instead of in person shopping) for a person who cannot wear a face covering because of a disability.

Masks are also not required for those:

  • Seated at a bar or restaurant while consuming food or beverages
  • Engaged in exercise
  • Engaged in an occupation that prevents the wearing of a mask
  • Purchasing goods or services that require a mask be temporarily removed
  • Speaking to an audience where six feet of distance is maintained
  • Seeking state or county government services

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