What is the replacement process for my lead service line?

The City of Kearney will send an initial letter to inform you that your property has been identified for an upcoming lead service line replacement. This letter will include a consent form to sign, which allows City of Kearney crews to access your property and replace your service line.

After we receive the signed consent form, an in-home visit will be scheduled for you, City of Kearney and the contractor to review the replacement process in detail and set a date and time for the work to take place. Most service lines can be replaced within four to eight hours. An adult over the age of 18 must be present during the replacement work since crews will need to inspect the service line connection inside your home. 

Following replacement, City of Kearney will restore the landscaping exterior to a level surface and provide reseeding of grass, generally within a four-month time frame.

The City of Kearney will provide a Brita water pitcher and filter certified to remove lead to use until six months after your service line is replaced and flush your water (run cold water from the kitchen or bathroom faucet for five minutes after not using water in the home for a few hours).

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