What is stormwater?
Stormwater is rain or melting snow that runs over the land. In nature, most stormwater soaks into the ground where it falls. Excess stormwater moves its way to the nearest river, lake, or wetland. These natural systems provide water storage and prevent flooding. The amount of stormwater increases with more urbanization.

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1. What is stormwater?
2. What is the stormwater surcharge fee on my bill?
3. Why does the City of Kearney have this fee?
4. What will the stormwater surcharge fee be used for?
5. Why are we being charged this fee now?
6. Can the fee be used to fund other City programs like Social Services or the Public Library?
7. Will revenues be spent throughout the City of Kearney?
8. Why do I have to pay when I do not have any drainage problems?
9. Who can I contact about stormwater issues?