Youth Sports

The Park and Recreation youth sports during the calendar year range from basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, golf, soccer and sports camps. There is an opportunity for all kids to participate. The Recreation staff places their emphasis on increasing player confidence, building on the enjoyment of the sport, healthy competition and creating a positive team atmosphere. Our Recreation staff is always looking for new and exciting sports programs for the community youths to Get Out and Get Going!

Youth Tennis Lessons                                      Kearney Juniors Team Tennis                                              Jr. Recreation Tennis Tournament

Youth Pickleball Lessons                                 Ponytail Softball                                                                    Loper Softball Camp

Start Smart Baseball/Softball                          Start Smart Soccer                                                               Tiny Kickers Soccer Camp

Kearney Soccer Camp                                    U11-U14 Boys & Girls Recreation Soccer League                Loper Football Camp

High School Tennis Camp                               Introduction to Pickleball Clinic