Hike/Bike Trail Etiquette & Guidelines

Safety Tips

  • Avoid running/walking/biking by yourself
  • Tell someone when you’re going and when you expect to be back
  • Bring a cell phone and ID
  • Avoid using headphones
  • Watch for and adhere to trail signage
  • Check the weather prior to leaving
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Be prepared to stop or yield at road crossings
  • Choose appropriate clothing/footwear
  • Carry food/water for long trips
  • Bring a whistle and/or pepper spray
  • For emergencies, call 911

Helmets Recommended

For your safety, all cyclists and equestrian users should wear helmets. Your helmet should be snug and level or your head, and sit low or your forehead. Buckle and tighten your chin strap so that no more than one or two fingers fit under the strap.

Trail Etiquette

  • Keep to the right side of the trail and pass on the left side.
  • Use your voice “On your left” well in advance of passing others. Listen for and acknowledge that others are passing to allow for them to pass safely.
  • When traveling in a group, move to the right when meeting oncoming users.
  • Cyclists should yield to pedestrians. Cyclists and pedestrians should yield to horses.
  • Control your speed. Be cautious on busy trails, or when there is low visibility or slippery surfaces.
  • Keep the trails beautiful. Pack out all trash.

*Trail Rules

  • Pets must be kept under restraint of a leash and under control of a competent person. (City Code 2711) The pet shall be reined within four feet of the responsible person.
  • Pet owners are responsible of prompt removal and disposal of waste deposited by their animal. (City Code 2711)
  • Stay off private property.
  • Obey all signs and traffic signals.
  • Every person operating a bicycle upon a trail shall exercise the highest degree of care to avoid colliding with another trail user.

*See special rules and safety guidelines for the Water Trail located at the entrance landing at Yanney Park.