Weather Closing & Information

Please call pools for information about Public Swimming: Harmon – 308-236-5158, Centennial – 308-234-4388


In case of bad weather, please call 4-INFO at 308-234-4636, ext. 4114. We will attempt to announce cancellations at least one hour before the start of the class. Classes will be made-up on the following Monday for all sessions. 


Inclement Weather: During inclement weather (rain or cold), the pools may close early if there are less than 20 (Harmon) or 10 (Centennial) swimmers after one (1) hour of the pool’s opening.  Patrons arriving at the pool, when the staff knows that the pool could possibly close early, will be told and a refund will not be granted.  However, patrons who have been at the pool for less than an hour and are asked to leave early may request a rain ticket issued by a manager. 

Lightning/Thunder: Swimmers will be instructed to clear the pool immediately when lightning/ thunder is sighted/heard.  Swimmers are not to re-enter the pool for at least 30 minutes after the last sign of lightning/thunder and it is determined safe for swimming by the manager.  Patrons should also clear the decks.

Rainstorms:  In case of rain, staff will clear the pool when visibility is such that a lifeguard cannot see the bottom of the pool.


Chlorination or pH:  Chlorine must be maintained between 2-10ppm and combine chloramines cannot exceed .5ppm.  pH must be between 7.2-7.8.  This problem should be avoided by proper and timely water testing and correct operation of chemical feeders.  However, unforeseen circumstances can arise such as operational difficulties, increased bather loads, etc.

Water Temperature:  Water temperature is usually between 76°F and 86°F.  If the water temperature drops below 72°F, the manager can choose to close the pool.


Serious Injury or Drowning:  In some cases, the pool may have to close early because of an incident or accident at the pool.  If the pool is ever without necessary equipment or personnel, the pool must close until the pool is restored to operational readiness.  This also means that all on duty staff must be of sound state of mind to work after the incident.

Fecal Incident:  If a fecal incident is discovered, the pool must be cleared immediately, and the pool will be closed until the pool is safe to swim in again.