Lead Service Line Replacement

Over 1,000 homes will have their lead service lines replaced starting in 2024 as the City of Kearney begins a project that will occur in multiple phases. More than $3 million in funding comes from Nebraska SRF loan/grant program to complete the Lead Service Line Replacement project.

In 2024, the City of Kearney will be replacing lead lines in parts of Kearney where lead may be present in existing service lines. Lead service lines are commonly found in homes constructed prior to 1986. The map, shown below, indicates the location of 'known' or 'potential' lead service lines in Kearney. 

Service line replacements are being completed by City crews and private plumbing contractors. This project will be completed over five years.

In addition to the scheduled service line replacements, City of Kearney crews also are replacing lead service lines discovered during water main breaks and leaks, as well as those found during construction projects on the utility’s water pipelines.

There is no lead in the water that the City of Kearney delivers to its customers, but lead can get into water when it passes through lead service lines and household plumbing that contain lead. The Lead Service Line Replacement Program is reducing the risk of lead exposure in drinking water.