What to Expect

Preparing for replacement

The City of Kearney will send you an initial letter informing you that your property has been identified for an upcoming lead service line replacement. This letter will include a meeting date set for the area in which your property resides.  At this meeting, information about this voluntary replacement project will be provided to you and if you do choose to be part of the program there will be a service agreement provided for you to sign, allowing our crews and contractors to access your property and replace your service line.

If you decide to participate in the voluntary lead service line replacement program, you will need to complete the service agreement. Once received, City Staff will be in touch to set a date and time for an onsite visit/ inspection. After this inspection, your property will be placed on the list for the water service to be replaced.  Work will be done in a systematic manner and so that the construction zones limit the amount of inconvenience to the neighborhoods as much as possible.  Most service lines can be replaced in less than six hours.  Additional time will be required for the replacement of any concrete removed, excavations and backfilling operations, and any landscape clean up.  An adult over the age of 18 must be present during the replacement work or anytime City Staff or the contractor is inside your home. Even if no work is completed inside your home, crews may still need to your home to inspect the service line during replacement efforts. 

As part of this lead service line replacement program, the City of Kearney will provide a Brita water pitcher and filter, certified to remove lead, to use for six months after your service line is replaced.  The pitcher and filter are required by the EPA as the disruption of the water service line will allow some existing lead particles within the plumbing system to become free and enter the water supply within the house.  Filtered water should be used for drinking and cooking.  Bathing, washing clothes and dishes, and flushing of the toilets does not require the use of filtered water.

This project will be completed in phases and residents with lead, galvanized or unknown service line materials will be notified by mail prior to the start of their construction phase. These residents will also have the opportunity to attend information sessions regarding this project. At this session, you will hear directly from City of Kearney Utility employees and be given the opportunity to ask questions or further discuss the details of this project. Dates and times for those information sessions will be included in the mailings prior to starting that phase of construction.  

Water service line replacement timeline