911 Center

About the 911 Center

The Buffalo County 911 Communications Center is a division of the Support Services Division. Located in the Kearney/Buffalo County Law Enforcement Center, the 911 Center is responsible for all requests for service from police, fire and emergency medical services.

The 911 Center utilizes enhanced 911. All communications officers are certified to operate the Teletype system, which allows communications with any other law enforcement agency in the nation. They are also certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) to provide pre-arrival instructions to emergency medical calls, information then relayed to the responding rescue unit, which cuts the response time to virtually zero for medical assistance.

The 911 Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is staffed by:
  • 12 full time communications officers
  • One part time
  • One supervisor

Serving the City

The Center serves the City of Kearney, with a population of 28,958 (2005 est.), as well as all the citizens of Buffalo County, population 44,976 (2007 est.). The City has an area of approximately eight square miles, and Buffalo County covers approximately 900 square miles.

Kearney Volunteer Fire Department

The Kearney Fire Department is a volunteer service consisting of:
  • Eight paid firefighter/operators
  • Seventy-five volunteers
  • Two stations
  • Eleven pieces of equipment, including rural trucks and Jaws of Life
There are also an additional seven rural Fire/Rescue Departments that interact with our department.