Dial Before You Dig

Diggers Hotline of Nebraska

In October 1995 the One-Call Notification System Act was passed into law. This law requires that owners and operators of underground utilities join the statewide one-call notification center.

The one-call center is designed to protect underground utilities, as well as excavators, by notifying all area utilities when a proposed excavation is to occur. Nebraska’s one-call notification center is located in Omaha, Nebraska and is referred to as Diggers Hotline of Nebraska.

Notifying Utility Companies

When Diggers Hotline is notified of intent to dig, they will inform the caller of all the utility companies that will be notified. Utility companies are notified for the purpose of marking their utility to prevent any damage to that utility.

Calling this hotline costs nothing except for a few minutes of your time and may save you money and your life. Call statewide (800) 331-5666 or 811.