Curbside Collection

Recycling Program Participation

Currently over 6,500 residents participate in a curbside collection of recyclables program. The Sanitation Division provides a blue 90-gallon container free of charge to residents who wish to recycle. Call (308) 233-3206 to order your container.


Recycling Drop-Off Boxes

The City also maintains recycling drop-off boxes at four locations in the City:

Recycling Center

3007 E. 39th Street

Public Works Building

1919 15th Avenue

City of Kearney HHW Building

3620 Box Butte Avenue

South Railroad Street & Avenue M

Hilltop Mall

4917 2nd Avenue (south side of Herberger's

2900 W 24th Street

Benefits of Recycling

The sale of recyclables, the avoidance of landfill tipping fees, and the potential of expanding this program makes its continuance and expansion a worthwhile effort.

Amount Recycled

The residential recyclables, drop-off boxes, and the corrugated cardboard are processed at the recycling building. Currently the Recycling Building processes 335 tons of material each month.