The department operates annually on a set of goals that it hopes to achieve over a given fiscal year. These goals have measurable objectives associated with them and determine our success based upon how many of the objectives are addressed and to what degree they have been met. Generally, the areas that these goals are divided into are:

  • Crime Prevention - The goal being to minimize the negative impact of criminal activity in the community through detection, investigation, and apprehension of offenders, in addition to increasing the communities awareness and participation to lessen the opportunity for crime.
  • Traffic Safety - The goal being to expedite the safe and timely flow of traffic in the city through enforcement, education, and planning.
  • Personnel Development - The goal being to improve the quality of service to the community through the continued development of departmental personnel resources.
  • Organizational Development - The goal being to continue to improve the productivity of the department through the utilization of fiscal and human resources.