Parking Violations

8-942 Violations Bureau; Penalties and Fees

Any violator of the provisions of Chapter 8, Article 9, sections 8-901 through 8-937, appearing at the Police Department and desiring to waive court appearance shall present the official police tag and pay the Police Department according to the following schedule:
  • 8-912,N Disabled or Handicapped Person parking space - $50
  • 8-912,F Within 15' of a fire hydrant - $30
  • 8-912,E Within 20' of any intersection or crosswalk - $30
  • 8-912,G Blocking the use of a driveway - $30
  • Standing or nonmoving violations other than the above four:
    • If paid within 15 days of the violation - $25
    • 16th day and thereafter - $30

Failure to Pay

The first $3 of the initial fine paid shall be assessed as a fee covering costs of administration. In the event that such violators fail to appear in response to such notice and pay the prescribed fine within 15 days, such violators or the owners of the vehicles used to commit the offense shall be deemed guilty of a failure to appear, punishable as an infraction and shall be prosecuted and punished in accordance with the provisions of this Code.

The Police Department may issue a citation or may cause a complaint and warrant to be filed against such persons who fail to comply with the procedures set forth in this division. You may pay your parking fine any time of the day or night at the Law Enforcement Center.