Victim's Rights in Nebraska

In the State of Nebraska, victims of crime have a constitutional right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect; and to be free from intimidation, harassment, or abuse throughout the criminal justice process (see Amended Section 81-1848, Revised Statutes Reissue, 1981).

Victims have the right to:
  1. Be notified of scheduled court dates and other proceedings.
  2. Be informed about financial assistance and other social services available as a result of being a witness to or victim of a crime, including information on how to apply for assistance and services.
  3. Be provided, whenever possible, a secure waiting area during court proceedings that does not require close proximity to defendants, their families, or friends.
  4. Have property expeditiously returned by law enforcement when it is no longer needed as evidence.
  5. Make a written or oral impact statement at a sentencing proceedings, Board of Parole, pardon or commutation hearing, or for use in a probation presentence investigation report.
  6. Be entitled to a speedy disposition of the case in which they are involved in as a victim or a witness.
  7. Be informed by local law enforcement agencies and the County Attorney on the status and final disposition of the case.
  8. Be provided appropriate employer intercession services to insure that employers cooperate with the criminal justice process in order to minimize loss of pay and other benefits resulting from court appearances.
  9. Have family members of all homicide victims afforded all of the rights of this Act.
If you are a victim of sexual assault, you have additional rights available to you.  Please see the document here.  If you have questions about your rights or reporting options, please reach out to an advocate at (308) 233-5263.

Victim’s Guide to the Nebraska Criminal Justice System