What Can I Do?


Always remember if you are in an abusive relationship it is not your fault and there is ways to get help.

If you are a victim of violence:
  • Begin to think about how you can plan for your own safety and happiness.
  • Find out what resources are available in your area for victims of partner abuse.
  • If you are considering leaving your abuser, make safety plans before you talk about separation.
  • If you can do this safely, encourage the abuser to go to a group for batterers.
  • If you think you are in immediate danger, you probably are. Flee to a safe location or call the police.
  • Even if no arrest is made when the police respond to an incident, they can still help you get medical care, help you and your children get to a safe place, and take a statement to document the incident.
For information on domestic violence or where to go to receive help please contact SAFE Center at (308) 237-2599.