Rate Table

Current Rates

Waste Type Fee
Compacted waste $27.50/ton
Uncompacted waste $35/ton
Special waste $68/ton
Contaminated soil $46/ ton
Minimum charge per transaction (except yard waste) $10
Car tires (less than 10, no rims) $2/tire
Truck, car, tractor, or pieces of tires (no rims) $200/ton
Appliances $10/appliance
Wood pallets $20/ton
Wood pallets (less than 10) $2/each
Clean concrete/asphalt $10/ton
Tree debris $20/ton
Yard waste $0
Commercial unsecured loads $20/load
Residential unsecured loads $10/load
Sale of compost/cubic yard $10

Outside Service Area Charges

For refuse being hauled from outside the service area the rates are 2 times the rates shown.

Payment Options

Credit/Debit Card
Charge account (after completion of application) - statements sent monthly

For more Information

For further questions, please contact Kim Grotrian at 308-233-3617.