Separating Banned Items

Assistance in Proper Disposal of Banned Items

State law bans the disposal of appliances, tires, trees and yard waste in landfills. The Landfill still accepts these items in order to assist citizens with proper disposal.

Additional Fees

Other items like concrete and sod can be disposed of in the Landfill; however, the Landfill disposal fee is $32.50 per ton. Therefore, Landfill users can save money by placing these items at the separate locations at the Landfill property.

Hauling Banned Items to Landfill

If you intend to haul these banned items to the Landfill for disposal please be prepared to unload them in the proper area. If you are hauling large quantities of this type of banned waste, please haul it in separate loads for easy disposal.


View map of Landfill disposal locations.