Fair Housing

Fair Housing Enforcement and Education Agencies

Fair Housing Center of Nebraska-Iowa - File an administrative complaint for alleged discriminatory act

HUD - Enforcement role in Fair Housing Act: Learn Fair Housing Laws and Presidential Executive Orders

National Fair Housing Alliance - Works to eliminate housing discrimination and to ensure equal housing opportunity

Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission - Authorized to enforce Fair Housing Act Statutes

Nebraska State Bar Association - Landlord Tenant Law

The United States Department of Justice - Fair Housing Act

The Nebraska Fair Housing Act states that it is a policy of the State of Nebraska that there shall be no discrimination in the acquisition, ownership, possession, or enjoyment of housing throughout the State of Nebraska in accordance with Article I, section 25, of the Constitution of Nebraska.  Unlawful housing practices include discrimination in residential property such as in advertisement, acquisition (showing, negotiating or transmitting offers for sale or rental), financing and possession (terms, conditions and peaceful enjoyment).

If you have further questions regarding Fair Housing in the City of Kearney, please contact Fair Housing Representative, Eric Hellriegel at 308-233-3230 or ehellriegel@kearneygov.org.