Civil Service Commission


  • As announced
  • City Manager’s Conference Room at City Hall, 18 East 22nd Street


The Commission shall adopt and promulgate procedural rules and regulations which shall provide in detail the manner in which examinations may be held and any other matters assigned to it by the City Manager.

The Commission shall provide that all tests shall be practical and consist only of subjects which will fairly determine the capacity of persons who are to be examined to perform the duties of the position to which an appointment is to be made and may include, but not be limited to, tests of physical fitness and of manual skill and psychological testing.

The Commission shall provide, by the rules and regulations, for a credit of ten percent in favor of all applicants for an appointment to an entry level position, as defined by the City Manager, under civil service who, in time of war or in any expedition of the Armed Forces of the United States, have served in and been honorably discharged from the Armed Forced of the United States and who have equaled or exceeded the minimum qualifying standards established by the City Manager.

The Commission may conduct an investigation concerning and report upon all matters regarding the enforcement and effect of the Civil Service Act and the rules and regulations prescribed.


View members of the Civil Service Commission. The members of the Civil Service Commission shall be appointed by the City Manager. The Commission consists of three members. All appointments shall be for a six-year term. The Civil Service Commission shall annually elect one of its members as chairperson. The Commission shall appoint the City’s personnel officer as secretary and chief examiner, if requested to do so by the City Manager.

Special Membership Requirements

A resident of the City for at least three years immediately preceding such appointment, and shall be an elector of the county. At the time of any appointment, not more than two members of the Civil Service Commission, including the one or ones appointed, shall be registered electors of the same political party.