Community Redevelopment Authority


  • Quarterly or as needed
  • Council Chambers at City Hall, 18 East 22nd Street


The Authority shall adopt rules for the transaction of its business and shall keep a record of its resolutions, transactions, findings and determinations, which records shall be made available for public inspection during regular business hours.

The Authority may appoint a Director, a Community Redevelopment Administrator or Coordinator and such other officers and employees as may be desired through contract with the Department of Economic Development upon terms which are mutually agreeable.

The Director, when appointed, shall serve as Ex-Officio Secretary of the Community Redevelopment Authority, and shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the Authority, including the necessary administrative functions described in the statutes under which the Authority has been created.

The Authority shall be vested with all the powers, duties and responsibilities set forth at Chapter 18, Article 21, the Community Development Law, Sections 18-2101, et seq. of the Nebraska Revised Statutes, as amended.


View members of the Community Redevelopment Authority. The City Manager shall appoint five persons who shall constitute the Authority. Appointments shall be for a term of six years.

The Authority shall organize by electing one of its members Chairperson of the Authority, and another of its members Vice Chairperson. The presence of three members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Special Membership Requirements


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