Smoke Detectors


Smoke detectors can be a valuable asset in home safety. Newly constructed homes and apartments are required to have smoke detectors hardwired with a battery back-up installed in accordance with current building codes.


  • Install at least one smoke detector on each level
  • Install smoke detectors in the immediate vicinity of bedrooms
  • Test smoke detectors monthly
  • Replace smoke detectors every 10 years
  • Replace batteries twice a year

Rental Property Requirements

Smoke detectors in existing rental property are a requirement stated in the Nebraska State Fire Marshal Act Book Section 81-5,144. It is the responsibility of the owner or owner’s authorized agent to supply and install a working smoke detector(s) in dwelling units, guest rooms, hotel rooms, and mobile homes which are being occupied for one month or more by the same occupant. The owner shall provide a notice to such occupant containing instructions for the testing of the smoke detector(s).

The occupant shall be responsible to perform tests on the smoke detector(s) as recommended by the owner or manufacturer’s instructions and the replacement of the battery or other replaceable energy unit. The occupant must immediately notify, in writing, the owner or authorized agent of any deficiencies.

It is recommended when you move into a new apartment or family dwelling to check for smoke detectors and test them with the owner or owner’s authorized agent present to insure that they are working.

Please feel free to contact the Fire Department at (308) 233-3226 if you have questions or concerns.