Home Heating

Heating System Maintenance

When preparing for the cold winter months:
  • Have your heating system, fireplace, and wood burning stove checked to insure it will work properly.
  • Have your heating systems checked by a professional service technician annually.

Electric Space Heaters and Heat Lamps

Even though electric space heaters don’t have an open flame, the heating elements of some space heaters get hot enough to ignite nearby combustibles.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper and safe use of the space heater. Maintain a 36” clear space around space heaters and heating lamps. Secure clamp on type heat lamps and do not place them directly above combustible materials.

Electrical Heating Tapes

Are you using electric heat tapes to keep water pipes from freezing? If you are when was the last time you check the condition of the heat tape? Is the heat tape installed properly? Is your heat tape certified? Replace electrical heat tapes more than three years with certified heat tape.

Extension Cords

No matter what you do you never have enough outlets in your home or the outlets are not in the right place to use an electrical appliance. To solve this problem you use extension cords. Are you using the proper size extension cord? The most frequent causes of fires involving extension cords are:
  • Short circuits
  • Overloading
  • Damage
  • Misuse of extension cords
All extension cords now must be constructed of #16 gauge or larger wire (the lower the gauge number the heavier the wire and the electrical current the cord can safely carry) or equipped with integral fuses. Replace old extension cords with heavier wire cords.