Candle Safety

Use Caution

Don’t be fooled: candles are pretty, but also dangerous. People love candles, and there’s evidence that candles are increasing in popularity. They smell nice and leave a room feel cozy with their soft light. They’re also important in many rituals, especially around holidays.

Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips for using candles:
  • Place candles in sturdy noncombustible holders that grip the candle securely and do not tip over.
  • Do not put a lit candle anywhere near things that can catch fire such as curtains, papers, books, clothing and even under cabinets or shelving.
  • When you leave home, a room, or go to sleep make sure to extinguish the candle.
  • Be sure the candle is out and the wick is not smoldering. A candle can re-ignite.
  • Do not leave an unattended child in a room with a lit candle.