Request for Public Records


The City of Kearney will process properly completed and submitted requests to examine records and/or obtain copies of records in accordance with Nebraska Statutes, City Code, and other applicable law.

A Request for Open Public Records Form is utilized as the means to request access to public records. If the amount of time necessary to process the request for records is less than one hour, you should receive the information within four business days and may be charged for copy costs.

A special service charge reflecting the calculated labor cost may be included in the fee for time required in excess of four cumulative hours, since that large a request may cause some delay or disruption of the other responsibilities of the custodian's office. If copies requested are estimated by the custodian of such public records to cost more than $50.00, the custodian may require the requester to furnish a deposit prior to fulfilling such request.


Request for Open Public Records Form.