Handicap Parking Permits

Handicapped Parking Permits are available at no charge to all individuals who qualify. To qualify, the applicant must have a certified medical condition that limits personal mobility resulting in the applicant's inability to travel more than two hundred feet without assistance such as a wheel chair, crutch, walker, prosthetic or other device. Handicapped Parking Permits are also issued to facilities such as retirement homes, hospitals, schools and places of a similar type involved in the transportation of handicapped individuals. These permits are assigned to specific vehicles that are titled and registered in the name of the facility and can only be used with the vehicle to which the permit was specifically assigned.

Each handicapped individual is allowed two (2) permits. Handicapped individuals may also obtain Handicapped License plates for their vehicle in addition to their permit(s).

To obtain a handicapped plate, refer to Handicapped License Plates

Making Application for a Handicapped Parking Permit

Your Nebraska licensed medical professional (physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner) may submit your request for a new or renewal permit through the Online Handicap Parking Permit service available at www.clickdmv.ne.gov.

To get started, contact your medical professional to request a permit.

If you would like to download our Handicap Parking Permit Informational Flyer, please click here
  • The application must be then submitted to your medical professional for completion of the Medical Certification portion of the application form.
  • Mail the completed application form, along with a photocopy of acceptable proof of identification to:
Once the permit has been processed it is sent directly to the applicant by mail.

Download an Application for Handicapped Parking Permit (PDF)

Appropriate Use of a Handicapped Parking Permit

  • A Handicapped Parking Permit is not transferable and may not be reproduced or altered.
  • Only handicapped individual or the motor vehicle to which the permit was specifically assigned can use the permit. The receipt that accompanies the permit at the time of issuance must remain with the permit at all times.
  • The permit is only to be used when the handicapped or disabled person is entering or exiting a motor vehicle while it is parked in a designated Handicapped Parking space.
  • The permit should be attached to the rearview mirror while the vehicle is parked in a designated Handicapped Parking space. It should not be attached to the rearview mirror while the vehicle is in motion. If there is no rearview mirror in the vehicle, the permit should be displayed on the dashboard.