Tobacco License

Application to Tobacco License

To apply for a tobacco license to sell Cigars, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Alternative Nicotine Products and Cigarette Material within the City of Kearney, please complete the Application to Sell Tobacco (valid through December 31, 2022) and return the form to the City Clerk's Office or email a signed copy to

The term for which the license shall run shall be from the date of filing such application and paying such license fee to and including December 31st, of the calendar year in which application for such license is made.

The annual retail license fee is $15.00 (if said combined annual sales amount to less than 150,000 cigars, packages of cigarettes and packages of tobacco, and applicant files sworn statement to that effect) and the annual wholesale license fee is $100.00 (selling annually in the aggregate more than 150,000 cigars, packages of cigarettes and packages of tobacco in any form at wholesale). If application for license is made after July 1st, of any calendar year the fee shall be one-half of the fees described above. 

Online Payment Option Now Available for Tobacco License

The City of Kearney is excited to announce that payments for a new or renewed tobacco license can be made online through our partnership with Nebraska Interactive.  

To pay for a New or Renewed Tobacco License, click here

*Please be advised that a small transaction fee is added to payments made online through Nebraska Interactive which include $3.00 for payments made with an electronic check or $3.00 plus 3% of assessed fee for payments made with a credit card.