Button Maker

In order to use and reserve time with these machines, you need to sign the makerspace waiver and complete the required training. 

  • Completed buttons are either 1" or 2.25"
  • Designs (including pictures) need to be printed on 20–24lb bond copier or printer paper

Build a Button Design Center

  • For username and password information call 308.233.3282
  • Step-by-step directions to access the design center can be found below the calendar on this page.
Available 2 1/4" Products (25¢ each)
Mirror Back ButtonsSplit Key
Self-Adhesive Magnets
Pin-Back ButtonMirror Back ButtonSplit Key RingSelf Adhesive Magnet
Available 1" Products
(includes 2 magnet buttons)
25¢ for 225¢ each$4 each
1 inch PinBack Button1 inch Magnet button1 inch Pendant

American Button Maker

Button Maker and Punch
Required Training Button EditedRequest a Reservation Button Edited
Optional Training Edited Opens in new window

  1. Design Center Access
  2. FAQ'S
  1. Click on Build-a-Button Design Center
  2. Scroll down until you see a row of colorful circles. Click on the green "BAB 5.1" circle.
  3. Login. The username is kplmakerspace@gmail.com. Get the password at the library or by calling 308-233-3282.
  4. Select the button size of your choice: either 1" or 2.25"
  5. Take the required training course (linked above) to get tips on how to create within the software itself. The optional training offers even more great advice and tools to get you ready.